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Initiative “Adopt a lost soul from Lithuania”

You feel lonely on cold and rainy evenings? Or you want to share warm and sunny days with someone? Animal shelter Penkta koja can help you! Join our initiative “Adopt a lost soul from Lithuania” and you may find your next best friend already waiting for you in Lithuania.

If you already decided that you need a four-legged friend and you are willing to love and take care of him in good and bad times for the next 10-15 years then take a look at our dogs. Maybe you will fall in love from the first sight? We guarantee that your new love will be clean, neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped and with European pet passport waiting for the upcoming journey. All the puppy needs is an invitation from you and enough of your strong will to make it happen.

What to do if you can’t adopt a puppy but you feel sorry for everyone who is waiting for their second chance in our shelter? In these modern days even while being in another country you can support our shelter by donating or sending presents.

Shrine brightly with kindness and wrap in it those less fortunate who are waiting for their second chance in our shelter.


What needs to happen in order for the new pet to reach you?

  1. You pick a puppy in our website and reach out to us in order to let us know that a new family and cozy home is waiting for him.
  2. You donate money to the shelter that we could afford to complete all necessary procedures for the journey (more in details below).
  3. We neuter the dog.
  4. We make everything in order that the puppy would get European pet passport. We take it from necessary institutions.
  5. The dog is micro-chipped, vaccinated, treated from inside parasites with the care of the veterinarian who also fills all the necessary forms.
  6. The dog is waiting for the quarantine to end in the shelter or in a  foster home.
  7. During the time of quarantine, possible pet transportation to new owner ways are picked (it can be private international courier or you can take the dog yourself). We encourage the new owners to take initiative in this step.
  8. A special box is needed for the pet transportation. Nowadays a lot of couriers have their own and it is not necessary to buy it.
  9. The puppy takes a bath, gets all the last necessary documents before the journey and leaves our care.
  10. We are waiting for the success story of your new best friend 🙂

*Only puppies and kittens older than 4 months can travel abroad.

Financial expenditures

Described animal preparation for the future is nor cheap nor easy.

  1. Almost a full day is needed to make procedures and gather all necessary documents.
  2. Dogs neutering procedure costs around 50 eur (depends on the size and gender of an animal).
  3. Vaccines+passport+micro chipp+treatment from parasites= around 50 eur.
  4. Cost of the journey begins from 50 eur.

Needed help:

  1. We are looking for volunteers who could take care of the dog up until 3 weeks before the journey to new home starts.
  2. We are looking for volunteers who could take in fully prepared puppy at least for a night before the journey. He / she also could give a bath to the animal and give a lift to a courier meeting point (it is usually early in the morning, near the city limits).
  3. Ieškome savanorių, kurie galėtų šunis priglausti bent nakčiai prieš kelionę. Jie taip pat galėtų juos išmaudyti ir pavežėti iki susitikimo vietos (dažniausiai tai būna ryte, netoli miesto ribos).